The Next Step, Inc.

Helping Youth Step Into Their Future

Programs, Projects and Services


My Next Step

The Next Step and a local apartment complex has formed a partnership to bring housing to youth and young adults at "My Next Step."  This is the second partnership with a local apatrtment complex.  It provides the participants with the opportunity to experience what it takes to live independently.  

My Next Step has two on site volunteer Program Coordinators.  Each guest has an individualized life plan that is one the education or employment track.  The guests are welcomed to stay up to until they reach stability as long as program requirements are being fulltilled.  While a guest at My Next Step, the guests are taught how to prepare themselves for self-sufficiency.  

Each guest is matched with a mentor who works along side the Program Coordinators to help the guests achieve their self-identified goals and tasks in their plan.

Community Outreach

Our Voices

Our Voices trains the youth how to present their story safely and articulately.  They are given an opportunity to safely share their stories to other youth and adults at events, conferences, schools, civic organizations and where ever we can find a place for them to have a voice.

My Path

Supportive Services

Case management and supportive services are available for 16 to 21 years of age for walk-in youth and those who are referred to The Next Step by local agencies and organizations.  

Youth Can Too!

Life Skills Workshops

Is a lifeskills program designed for youth ages 10 to 17.  It is offered as a 10 week course in the summer.  We also ofrer individual and special group sessions.


Youth Development

PHAZE3 is designed to equip girls 12 to 14  with tools of self empowerment, public speaking, positive community connections, positive self imaging, social etiquette and basic life skills and more. Personalized group classes available.

My Community

Community Service

Is the community service opportunity for youth as an individual, assigned service or for a group. Each participant is given 1.5 hours for Life Skills participation and 1 hour for each hour for physical community service.

Reach Out

Street Outreach

Reach Out gives the youth in the program the opprotunity to go out into the streets where the homeless youth typically gather.  The Reach Out Team helps to provide survivor backpacks to youth who find themselves living on the streets, couch surfing and hopping, in cars, in parks, and other sheltered living conditions.


Book Give-away

READcycle is our free book program. So far we have given over 2000 books away at various local events and during the summer. We partner with individuals and organizations to get book to give a way and encourage the children to return the books when they are done, so we can share them again and again.